The Impact Project WA

As I went through college, I learned more about the community than ever before while becoming passionate about working with youth. As I experienced work opportunities and multiple chances to absorb the realities of what communities all over are experiencing with social services, premature dropout rates in education, and more, I started thinking about what I can do as an individual to make a difference.

I started holding drives and collecting supplies for youth and families to not only give back, but to raise awareness for underlying issues for student dropout rates. This passion has become a mission to make a difference, no matter the size. I just want to ensure people are aware of what is actually going on in some youth’s lives in hopes to help. I have learned so much about our community by volunteering, meeting individuals who have the power to make a change, and forming so many relationships with nonprofits and local families.

I love our community but I want to do more, so I created this whole “project” for the community and create a special opportunity for individuals to come together. Yes, it may sound too hopeful but I do hope to make an impact in our community.

My family, friends, daughters, local organizations, co-workers, and so many others have come together multiple times to support the Domestic Abuse Women’s Network, local youth/teen homeless shelters, students needing support in local school districts, and more. I am lucky to have the ability to be a voice in our community and I will continue doing so for as long as possible. Showing a sense of understanding, love, and the ability to listen, is a game changer.



BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE – Our latest back to school supply drive went fantastic and since we have developed a partnership with The Social Impact Center’s local homeless teen shelter, we were allowed to donate hundreds of supplies from the community. Around 30 families around the state ALSO were shipped personalized boxes and goodies just for them. See pics below!!

SUMMER SNACK DRIVE – The latest event we held was our “Snack Drive” which supported our local teen shelter in Auburn. It was important to myself to include local youth to help hold the event for an opportunity of youth being able to support other youth. It also creates a chance to promote a better understanding of homelessness in our community so it went GREAT! Our cheer team, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen (Maddy), my daughter (Maddy’s “Sparkle”), friends, family, and community members all made it happen and it was a proud moment to see the amount of love given to our local nonprofit. The pictures below are of the event held at the local High School, preparation (note: our second article in the newspaper), putting together the tie-dye theme(!), and selling our hand-made shirts profiting the shelter as well!

Our new banner!