Our Story

Here we go! So, let’s just start with an introduction. My name is Kelly and I have a really awesome family whom I absolutely adore. One fiance’ (Justin), two daughters (Haley & Alayna), and two labs (Bailey & River); it’s a full house. We reside up in the beautiful Pacific NW and when they say there is nothing like it here, “they” are correct. It’s a great place to raise kids and explore as a family, but it’s also endless in offering outdoor adventures and beautiful communities everywhere.

As I start this blog, I will be posting pictures for you to see just how amazing it is up here. We are raising our kids (and dogs) with intention to let them see how beautiful the world is, especially where they come from. Fingers crossed they love it as much as we do!

A little bit more about us and our daily lives consist of being on the go at ALL times. We are active with community projects (see link to The Impact Project) and staying involved around here, sports (cheer & soccer), both parents working full-time, currently in grad school, both parents coach, and so much more. Wait! Did I mention we are also planning a wedding out of state?! It’s a full-blown wedding but it will be hands down a fantastic time!

We are beyond busy and our jobs demand a lot of our time. Let’s just say raising two very active kids while balancing it all is pretty intense but when we get some sort of downtime and get out, it makes it pretty dang special.

We are so excited to share our adventure with YOU and can’t wait for you to witness it!

-The Lindberg/Murray Fam

This is US!
Our oldest, beautiful and on-the go daughter. Meet Haley!
This one is keeps us on our toes..100% of the time. Meet Alayna!
The one’s that keep this zoo under control 🙂