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About Savvi

I decided to become a brand partner with Savvi, an athleisure and lifestyle brand, a few months ago and I am obsessed. Not only are the clothes top notch and have been compared to LuluLemon, Fabletics, etc., but they are built on a solid foundation of empowerment. I believe in their mission and absolutely love the durability, comfort, and fit of every piece of clothing I have bought!

Take a look around and I can’t wait for you to see how amazing their brand is!

My Favorite Leggings

Clearly I love leggings so naturally I was drawn to trying the different styles. I wish I was lying but the decision to choose just one favorite pair of leggings, is close to impossible. They are durable, buttery soft, and extremely flattering!

If I was told that I HAD to choose a few of my top favorite styles, I would say this:

  • Solas
  • Dancer
  • Koza
  • Mantra
  • Reef

Here are some pics of the leggings that I will highly recommend! Scroll below to check out more of my favorites.

Solas Legging
Mantra Legging
Reef Legging (& matching sports bra)
Koza Legging (the colors are AMAZING)

More to come!

I will continue updating my Savvi page as I do some try-ons and take pics. Thank you and don’t forget to check out the buttons!

Koza leggings + Prism bra
Prism bra in Cactus Green

Back-side of Prism bra!
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