Welcome to the blog of Kelly (just talking in 3rd person over here)! I want to give a quick intro and huge hello to anyone and everyone who takes their time to read and browse my site.

Just like many of you, I am a VERY busy mom trying to balance everything while making quite the effort to stay organized (mentally, emotionally AND physically); which is usually 99% unsuccessful. As you also may relate, it is extremely difficult to pursue our own dreams when we are trying to take care of the house/household, working full time, and ya know..doing “it all”, so I will also be sharing more details on that part of my life.

I created this site as a way to organize my thoughts about the things I love most, while writing about the chaos of parenting, pursuing my personal dreams, and living life to the absolute fullest. Come and join me (and my fam) in this confusing and wild adventure called LIFE!


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  • AC to the Rescue!

    Hope you all are doing great! You might have heard (if you are outside the PNW), that we all just survived a massive “heat dome” (aka heat wave) and let me tell YOU, it was horrible. Justin, the kids, and I got back from AZ a few weeks ago which had the same temps as […]

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  • Time to Mom-blog!

    Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read (or scan..anything is nice really) through mine, my roommates (aka my family) and of course our dog’s daily lives. We are pretty much that “always busy and never has any type of normalcy” type of family but ya know, we love it. […]

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  • Retail Therapy..from home.

    Retail Therapy..from home.

    It’s day 2,851 of quarantine and at this point, I’m just trying to keep as sane as possible. My days are now actually more stressful being at home in my “safe place” than those pre-quarantine days of running around constantly and rarely having a second to think. I would LOVE to go back to those days like…right […]

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  • #mylifeinquarantine

    I am totally aware that there are a million blog post on this topic but I couldn’t resist. This blog post could #literally be as long as a book because of how eventful/non-eventful (?) quarantine has turned out to be for us. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. We went into this whole thing full of mixed […]

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  • That ‘Pura Vida’ Life

    That ‘Pura Vida’ Life

    We did it! We are back from the greatest vacation and couldn’t be more grateful to have gotten the chance to go on such a huge adventure with so many amazing humans (thanks to Justin and Julie for the best wedding spot EVER). It was nothing short of a success and we are so happy […]

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  • Peace out kiddos!

    Yep it’s true, we are going on vacation. By the word “we”, I am talking about Justin and I. ONLY us (besides a mass amount of friends), but we cannot wait and THAT my friends, is an understatement. I can honestly say that I never thought I would be able to experience a week-long vacation […]

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