Welcome to the blog of Kelly (just talking in 3rd person over here)! I want to give a quick intro and huge hello to anyone and everyone who takes their time to read and browse my site.

Just like many of you, I am a VERY busy mom trying to balance everything while making quite the effort to stay organized (mentally, emotionally AND physically); which is usually 99% unsuccessful. As you also may relate, it is extremely difficult to pursue our own dreams when we are trying to take care of the house/household, working full time, and ya know..doing “it all”, so I will also be sharing more details on that part of my life.

I created this site as a way to organize my thoughts about the things I love most, while writing about the chaos of parenting, pursuing my personal dreams, and living life to the absolute fullest. Come and join me (and my fam) in this confusing and wild adventure called LIFE!


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  • The month of December

    The month of December

    I feel like it is okay that I was so delayed in doing a post since the last one (frog + Christmas tree) because, well, it’s December. First off, we found the frog and it actually did come out of the tree, which was seriously my biggest fear of that ordeal. Luckily we found him…

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  • Our Tree! (Frog included)

    Our Tree! (Frog included)

    YEP, you read that right. I am 100% positive that we could have some sort of TV show at this point in our life, because there is always something going on. Let’s just say we officially have a new pet, but the problem is, we can’t find it. Creepy? Yes, very much so. Alright, so…

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  • Time to Decorate!

    Time to Decorate!

    I’m sure you’ll be hearing this a lot until January 2nd but, Happy Holidays! If there is one time during the year that I get excited about, it is definitely the day after Halloween until..well, January 2nd. I LOVE Christmas cheer, it’s the best and after that last post, we really can use the positivity.…

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  • Over the Rainbow..

    Over the Rainbow..

    What a rollercoaster this last month has been. From being completely devastated one day, to feeling very proud the next, to then being of course just exhausted. It is baffling to me how your emotions can take over your entire well-being but in the end, we are still here and working hard to live life…

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  • Real life: I work in Education

    Real life: I work in Education

    Hi all! I know that I say this SO much, but I am looking forward to writing and sharing what we have been up to the last few weeks while also touching base on a very sensitive subject; current difficulties working in the education world. There has been a lot going on. I honestly sometimes…

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  • Off to AZ!

    Off to AZ!

    Hi all and Happy Friday! The end of the week is here and I couldn’t be more excited. This week has been a wild and busy one so I am VERY thankful I had a week off of school before the new term begins on Monday. Can I just say how difficult grad school really…

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