Yay..summer vacay (possible sarcasm)!

Ohhh boy. Summer time is quickly approaching (next week) and the kids are already planning their favorite ways to drive me insane. Yes, I do feel like that may be a tad harsh, but I am always in panic mode when summer vacation hits. As many know, I work full time as a Truancy Liaison for an alternative school and required to be in full getting-ready-for-fall mode during other staff’s time-off (not resentful, I promise!). On top of planning for the next school year (already), I get to schedule and entertain two little girl’s lives for the next 2 and a half months and as many of you parents know, it is not easy.

I am definitely that mom who is NOT celebrating this time of year, but I do wish I had that ability or enthusiasm. I am however planning ahead with my handyman of a husband about creating a space dedicated to crafts and everything art for the kids..in the garage. I know, I know, it may sound weird but we do have a fairly large garage. It is currently full of way too many things but this goal of getting a space done for the girls will also mean de-cluttering, which I am ALL about.

You bet I will be making multiple trips to drop-offs and sweating my booty off to get this done since there is A LOT of motivation. Now only if I could figure out a way for them not to argue about using the space together..hmmm maybe we need a separation wall??? BRILLIANT!

Calling all parents, we need your help please!

What are your plans with the kids? Are you excited or not-so-much? We (I) need ideas for things to do from home for the majority of summer, since we are planning on using our new wedding registry gear to do camping at some point. PLUS we have the cabin to go up to for quick getaways as well so we will not be here constantly, thank goodness. I wish we could do a vacay but again, work work work (& saving moola after our big day). Also, does anyone else have a crafting area because I’d love to know what works/doesn’t work. I appreciate all of the advice in advance and can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

In the meantime, here are some pics from previous summer trips (mainly to the cabin) reminding myself how much quality time and fun we were able to have. Also, cheer will be starting which is a FANTASTIC way for them, and myself, to socialize and get in some activity as we finish golf and work on cutting YouTube time. ❤


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