Chelan, WA + Wine = Getting Close to the Big Day!

I may or may not have mentioned it before, but we are doing a little (BIG) thing and tying the knot pretty dang soon. I think when it gets to that 2 month mark, it definitely starts getting real VERY fast. I have to say, it has been such a great experience planning our wedding and we truly couldn’t have been luckier to have the planners and vendors we hired, but between school, work, wedding planning, life(?), we are ready for it to be here. I. Am. Exhausted.

Of course when you have a wedding, there are some big events (aka parties) that come along with it, and I am very lucky to have some amazing ladies who planned a trip for me that was right up my alley! If you are familiar with Washington, then of course you already know how beautiful Chelan is, but if not, you gotta go sometime!

I’ve been to Chelan quite a few times as a kid but it was always during the summer, and of course the summer in Chelan is all about being outside by the lake. We used to go to a really small waterslide park (Slidewaters?) and if you have kids, or just a husband who acts like a kid, then you’d have a blast. Anyways, it was SO cool to be able to experience Chelan in the winter. Seriously, snow everywhere and an all around different feel than during the summer, it was a great time!

The amount of love we are feeling as we creep closer and closer to the wedding is unbelievable. We have confirmed that around 90(!) family members and close friends are flying all the way down to Arizona and staying at the resort we are saying “I Do” at. Our minds are completely BLOWN by this!

I am looking forward to being able to write a post about the details in the wedding. We have obviously had a good two years to plan, so all of the details have been with intention and came straight from our hearts! We are making it very personable, fun, and have it be “all about the memories” (we are literally going on vacation with almost 100 of our closest people). The wedding is not going to be completely traditional, so everyone will see a lot of “us” in it. It’s going to be a GOOD time!

Next up, a couple of bridal showers and then the countdown is ON! Below are some more pics from Chelan and the vineyards we went tasting at. They were all amazing but I am definitely into the outdoor firepit vibes. I could have sat there for hours!


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