Positive. And Celiac.

The word “positive”. It has a whole new meaning and I’m pretty darn sure, it is a huge NEGATIVE. Yep, we were one of the millions (not a real fact) of households who got the VID and it may be due to me jinxing us the week before. Seriously. I was bragging that we had a clean bill of health and have never caught this plague. UGH, sorry fam.

Okay, okay, I am just kidding since it is spreading like wildfire, but I will confidently say that it was more of an inconvenience for us having it then being a real issue. Besides my poor fiancé getting it the worst, the rest of the household either had ZERO symptoms or just a bit of congestion. Honestly? I would have never been tested if it wasn’t for Justin testing positive. It was such a sneaky little bugger and therefore, I am bitter at it for keeping us in quarantine (especially after we JUST had winter break). I guess we needed more quality time together!

Anyone else feel like this year is flying by already? Maybe it’s because of catching COVID first thing (please don’t let this be a sign of the rest of our year) in 2022, but I can’t believe we are already two weeks out until February. What. The. Heck.

So, I wanted to completely switch topics (please note the subject line) since it has been a bit of a learning experience for the last few months. I have always been HIGHLY sensitive to gluten. I get extremely sick after eating anything with it and luckily, I have started to become more and more aware of what my body was reacting to.

Let’s back up though.

When I was around 14, my mom took me to a naturopath. Let’s remember this was two decades ago and of course, knowledge around food allergies/sensitivities/celiac, was NOT as advanced as now. They ran blood tests on me and they came back off. the. charts.. No joke, the line was not only bright red, but it went off the chart. I wish we could find the results just to show you, it was really wild. Naturally, my mom took me off of gluten for awhile but due to the lack of gluten-free food available at that time, it was close to impossible to keep me fueled and carbed up. As a high schooler playing sports, I was exhausted and it simply sucked.

At the time, she was told my body could change and get over the allergies (?). I do not know if this is true but I later found out (Thanksgiving dinner 2021), that in fact, the Naturopath let my mom know I’m Celiac. Uhhhh..wait what?! So, all of these years, he knew and thought that celiac was a sickness in which “it would pass”. Let’s just say at that moment, at the dinner table, the stars aligned and it all made sense! Oh yes, obviously we were all very confused. It’s no one’s fault though. It is just the fact that back then they truly believed this was going to move on and never return. Surprise! It doesn’t. You can control it, but it will not ever leave your body.

As a 34 year-old adult who finds out they have this “disease”, it’s VERY weird. It answers a ton of questions and concerns, which is fantastic, but it does throw a bit of a wrench into the daily life, especially when your house is definitely not gluten-free. They love and enjoy all foods (yay for them).

I was thinking a lot about my health, my previous/current big medical issues (I’ll save that for a different post), and how at this point in my life it is more than ever important to take care of myself. Maybe this whole Celiac thing was an okay “surprise” after all and allows me to focus on myself a little more.

My self-awareness of food has changed drastically by cutting out SO MUCH, buying healthier, and just reading way too many food labels, but it’s really okay. I feel a lot better and glad it is forcing me to change myself for the better.

Since I #literally cannot have any gluten, I look forward to figuring out new recipes and sharing my finds/creations. It’s just another adventure for this family, so why not try to make the best of it?!

2022 has had a very, very, very odd start, but hopefully it is just setting us up to be healthier for whatever else it brings. Have a great week!


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