The month of December

I feel like it is okay that I was so delayed in doing a post since the last one (frog + Christmas tree) because, well, it’s December. First off, we found the frog and it actually did come out of the tree, which was seriously my biggest fear of that ordeal. Luckily we found him alive after hopping through our living room and we were able to set him free. It ended up great if you ask me!

Now let’s talk December, aka “the month full of no rest”. Dramatic much? Well, from being excited to get the Christmas tree, to counting down the days of winter break (I have VERY mixed feelings on this), and then of course being absolutely exhausted the day of/WEEKS after Christmas, it’s a lot to handle! As stated before in an earlier post, it is 100% my favorite time of year but it is also 100% the most tiring.

As some of you know, I started an official nonprofit and I did a winter items drive for my students around the state, as well as collecting items for our local youth teen shelter. It went FANTASTIC and receiving the emails back from my students, made every stressful minute planning totally worth it. It is not a simple process of planning these drives so it did take up a good portion of our time. This was just part 1 of our insane month. Hold on. Can I just give another shoutout to my fiancé?! He is so fantastic and always okay with me temporarily filling our garage with a ridiculous amount of donations and other supplies. I can’t imagine how much he loves it during the month of December though, especially when we need that space most, but thanks Justin, I heart you!

Part 2 of our month = my fourth term of school is finished and let me just say, grad school is no joke and getting harder and harder. It was another great finish and I didn’t think it would happen, but I did get another A (4.0 continues)! I really needed some time off from school so I am very appreciative of that.

Part 3 = a question for all parents. The feelings I have with the kids being home is beyond mixed. At first it was nice-ish but now, I feel like I’m losing my mind. I think it’s a mix of them cluttering the home after opening presents, being forced to go through and get rid of current toys/junk, getting on each other’s nerves being stuck in this house because of a snow storm, and then last but not least, we are SO tired balancing all of the family dinners and celebrations. So, if you are not losing your mind, please tell me how do YOU stay sane during December with kids?? I would love to know!

Christmas break is soon over for both the kids and myself, but I am glad we had some time off. I do think we all needed time to step away from being overly committed and just our schedules in general.

The new year is fast approaching and our schedules will be back to normal again, so I know I should cherish these moments and I promise I do. Back to work, school (for all of us), cheer, wedding planning, and of course everything else!

Now, I think I’ll end this post but trust me, I’ll be back on here VERY soon! In the meantime, check out the video below (we have something special planned) and I will “talk” to you soon. Happy Holidays!


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