Our Tree! (Frog included)

YEP, you read that right. I am 100% positive that we could have some sort of TV show at this point in our life, because there is always something going on. Let’s just say we officially have a new pet, but the problem is, we can’t find it. Creepy? Yes, very much so.

Alright, so yesterday we cut down our tree at Red Barn Tree Farm in Puyallup, since they have the most gorgeous trees. We looked for a good 45 minutes until we (Justin) found the perfect one but who would’ve known there was an extra suprise included. After going to my parent’s house for a good 6 hours, we went home and put it up. Late last night Alayna and I were watching Frozen (of course) and started hearing the most bizarre sound. This is NOT just a little “ribbit” by the way, it is a full blown croak that echoed throughout the entire house and I definitely caught it on camera.

Our tree is about 11 feet tall since we have vaulted ceilings so trying to find the little bugger has been close to impossible. I am very much hoping this ‘little bugger’ is indeed small because I have my back to it constantly sitting at my desk.

Yes, I know I sound ridiculous but the thing is, we don’t actually know what it is so who knows if it can jump out of nowhere onto me OR if it bites. Who the heck knows.

Well, I’ll be over here keeping an eye out on my not-decorated tree as you all enjoy a quiet, peaceful tree. I have a feeling we’ll find it when we put the lights up so Justin is in charge of it this year :). See below for our tree hunt, the size of this thing, AND the ongoing efforts to try and find our friend!

Happy Holidays!!


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