Time to Decorate!

I’m sure you’ll be hearing this a lot until January 2nd but, Happy Holidays! If there is one time during the year that I get excited about, it is definitely the day after Halloween until..well, January 2nd. I LOVE Christmas cheer, it’s the best and after that last post, we really can use the positivity.

One fail we have been fantastic at doing every year, is not sending Holiday cards. Why is it that I feel terrible for not getting them out?! Oh most likely because everyone does them, especially when there are kids. It’s just a general rule you have to do them with kids. Parenting FAIL.

But, we are new people this year apparently and thanks to my brother in-law, he snapped some pics of us that will be getting sent out. Woo hoo!

Okay, so when do YOU decorate?! My household (aka Justin) is one of those who are anti-decorating until after Thanksgiving. Me on the other hand, have already gone to storage, set up the wreath & garland with lights, and of course I have Alexa playing Christmas music 90% of the time when I’m listening to music. I don’t want to drive Justin TOO crazy so I’ll just play it when he’s not home 🙂 Honestly, my mom and sister play a huge part in why I love the holidays so much (and we have like 1 million people with birthdays in December). We are all obsessed and have no plans on ever changing! #sorrynotsorry

How do you all feel about the Holidays?! I would love to hear your traditions and if you are like me OR like my lovely spouse. Also, has anyone been getting your shopping done early this year? I am tempted to just splurge on Black Friday and get it D.O.N.E..

Well, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays (LOL)!!


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