Off to AZ!

Hi all and Happy Friday!

The end of the week is here and I couldn’t be more excited. This week has been a wild and busy one so I am VERY thankful I had a week off of school before the new term begins on Monday. Can I just say how difficult grad school really is?! I am extremely grateful for getting the opportunity to be able to work towards my Master’s so I cannot complain, but holy smokes what a ride.

Today I was looking through some new pictures in my phone of our most recent getaway to one of, if not, our favorite spot to go to as a fam. Most years, we usually go down to Arizona 2-3 times a year but since we are doing A LOT of wedding planning down there, we have been traveling once every few months and having a blast. We are really trying to enjoy the entire process of planning a wedding out of state and working really hard on making it special not only for us, but our entire clan of friends and family that will be making the trek down. It is extremely exciting and the vendors/individuals we have hired to make it happen, are nothing less than AMAZING (I’m pretty sure we’ll all be BFFs by the time it’s over!).

I wanted to post about our trip and tell every parent out there how great Arizona is for adults AND children! We do spend the majority of our time by the pool in the warmer months, but we also do a lot of eating and getting outside. Our goal is to explore outside of the area we are more familiar with so we can find some new adventures to do. I did live down there for a few years (Go Devils) so I’m personally familiar with more areas, BUT my family will love to eventually see the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and some of the other beautiful places AZ has to offer. It’s a gold mine for exploring with the kids and of course there is some of the best Mexican food around!

SO, if you are wanting to go to AZ, I highly recommend it and taking advantage of the cheap airfare. The flight from where we live is around 2 1/2 to 3 hours, but the kids are so used to it that they do pretty great (night flight = Zarbees..IYKYK). Also, I recommend flying into Phoenix (Sky Harbor), renting a car if you can, and checking out the outskirts of the main downtown areas. We still have a lot of exploring to do and now that the girls are a little older, I think they’ll appreciate the hiking and outdoor adventures a bit more.

We are getting married at the most amazing resort and each time we have been down there, we check it out (yep, I definitely cry each time). Below are some pics of the sunsets in Arizona from the wedding location and I’m not sure you can beat these. Between the resort, palm trees, and sunsets, it is a pretty perfect view! The other sunset picture is of an old church that everyone is obsessed with; isn’t it gorgeous?!

I am so excited to show off more pictures of our adventures, especially to Arizona. I do have to say that it’s so important for us to get some sort of adult time when we go so this time around I was able to try out the resort’s spa. It was a 10/10 of course!

Enjoy the pics of our little fam and I will “talk” to you soon!


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