Not Just a Mom!

Hi all!

I am on quite a roll for not being consistent with my posts these days, but hopefully I can step it up and start putting some much needed time aside to write. I LOVE writing and it’s a way to express all the feelings so I better get to it!

I feel like my subject line always needs to reflect what I am writing about (duh!) and today, I was feeling good about this one. I kept thinking to myself how important it is to recognize all of the roles I play on a daily basis and what drives me to do what I do everyday. It’s important to me to share stories and show others why I am passionate about so many different things while encouraging individuals to do the same.

My role as a 24/7 mom is very exciting and also the most important thing I can do in my life. I mean, come on, I am trying to raise good human beings full of drive and a love for life. Raising the girls is something I am always proud about, despite the days when they have ‘tudes and argue nonstop. We all have bad days though, right?!

I have come to the conclusion that my passion of being a mom and being capable of providing consistency in my daughter’s lives, comes partially from my past and all the experiences that I had to face in order to grow. It’s NEVER easy for an individual to relive some of the most difficult times in their lives, but for me, it’s something that encourages me to grow nonstop.

As I have written many times before, I am currently doing quite a bit with my life! I am not only a mom; I am a strong women who has overcome a mentally and emotional abusive relationship, a HUGE brain tumor when I had my first born and now currently lives with so many memories that I can barely face without crying. The thing is that I don’t cry because of the negative memories, I cry because I WON. I win over and over again every day, and I will never stop. I cry because I supported my children and provided them a life of opportunity, love, and consistency, when I should’ve broke. I cry because I decided to move on and chase my dreams, while remaining hopeful and positive. I also cry because it was worth the pain in order to find my loving fiance’, it was worth ending up in a job that I love to wake up to and it was worth it because I have found my PASSION for life. The passion and purpose was always there, but I just had to figure out where it was inside of me :).

I love my life. I love that I get to wake up every morning in a home that I know I didn’t have in my 20’s. It is something special to be able to know I can look back and see how far I have been able to come, but it is because I needed to do so in order to live the life I love. My passion for life is something I will not and cannot lose.

Now I chase every positive, sometimes crazy, opportunity that my gut tells me to and it’s because I want to always improve who I am, as a mom, fiance’, grad student, education worker, survivor of many things, and a very, very active community member.

I was fortunate enough to find the courage to move on from those times in my life and by no means will I ever forget. Let me say this, I will NEVER dwell on what I had to endure and I will always remember but then I will move on. I currently live with epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and ongoing health issues (vision loss last week), but I am ALIVE. I am here and I am so, so, so incredibly blessed. I strongly feel like there is a purpose as to why I am here and I hope for others to realize their purpose as well.

Okay, so when my fellow moms are asked what they do for a living and reply with, “I’m just a mom” or “I work from home and take care of my kids”, just know they are all MUCH more than that. Moms are superheroes and most likely have been through a lot more, mentally and physically, than many realize. Let’s all celebrate one another and the hidden or not-so-hidden lives we currently or previously have lived.

Question for YOU! How do you look at those experiences in which were meant to stop you in your path? How do you face them and carry the memories? What is your passion and purpose?

PS – I am going to start posting more and more about the opportunities I am given, including being a brand rep for Savvi! It is something I am becoming passionate about and loving the mission behind this company. Nope, it’s not a full time job for me, but I am enjoying doing this on the side (and the clothes are AMAZING/such high quality).


One response to “Not Just a Mom!”

  1. ” The thing is that I don’t cry because of the negative memories, I cry because I WON.” – YES!! I haven’t really been able to put my finger on why I cry sometimes about things – HARD things – that I’ve gone through but that’s the reason!
    Keep up the fantastic attitude! 😀

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