Long Weekends!

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic long weekend and were able to do some relaxing, goodness knows we all need it these days. Ours was VERY good and I would say it was an overall success but here’s why:

  1. Friday – worked, also worked on school & went to Target with the girls. Justin was helping out some friends so it was a mom & daughters night, which I always love!
  2. Saturday – WAY too much fun! Went to the state fair, hung out with some of the best people I know, and made some a ton memories. WHY so great you ask?! Oh I was able to pull off surprising Haley with Carrie Underwood tickets and it was a memory for the books. We sang, dance, and laughed all night. There isn’t anything much better than being able to make your kid feel so special during a time when I have close to zero availability to do big things like that; it was really special.
  3. Sunday – Laid low, did homework close to the entirety of the day, and spent time with the fam.
  4. MONDAY – Justin had the day off of course, so we were able to get so much done! I love days where you feel motivated and can work as a team to get tasks finished around the house that we have been putting off. SCORE!

I mean, the weekend was really amazing and the time I was able to spend with my little family and some of my best friends was the cherry on top (of course Carrie was beyond amazing..and so gorgeous!). These times do not happen often and I need to continue making time to spend with the people who give me peace, love, and so much positivity. I really, really love them and they give life so much meaning. It was a weekend full of self-care and a mental break from my job.

I wish I had more pictures from the weekend but the concert consisted of videos (duh!) and putting the phone D.O.W.N..

Time to get back to work and get to supporting my students once again but trust me, it is not so much a “job” for me and I love what I do. It is VERY hard and can be pretty draining but very much worth it

Have a great week!!


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