School Supply Drive = Success

As you can probably guess, our AMAZING school supply drive was beyond successful and I couldn’t be more proud of how it went! It is always a process planning, advertising, getting individuals involved/excited, holding the actual drive, and then of course making sure they get to our youth. Let’s just say, it surpassed my expectations and every time I get to put on a drive, it seems to get better and better. I am one happy individual.

For everyone that knows me well, you probably know I loooooove being involved in my community. It’s too bad Justin didn’t get a heads up prior to taking me out on our first date (JK!). We haven’t always lived in Auburn but there is definitely something great about it; it has that small town, yet not-so small town feel, ya feel me? Again, I don’t know what it is but I do love that you can pretty much go anywhere around here and see someone you know!

Anyways, back to the School Supply Drive. I’ve created quite a great partnership with The Social Impact Center, who houses and supports homeless youth and young adults ages 12 – 24. They do great things for our community and since I am so passionate about raising awareness for the underlying causes (homelessness being one of them) for student drop-out rates, I am always trying to focus on helping them. Below I will post some pics of the supplies AND our beautiful ladies handing them off to the Director of the shelter. Go Maddy and Haley!

My long-term goal? WELL, it’s to of course keep up The Impact Project and once I can graduate from my Master’s program, I’d like to officially make it a non-profit supporting youth everywhere. Also, I want my kids and the youth in the community to volunteer with me and I can teach them the importance of service, especially helping youth their own age.

Part of the supplies went to 30-ish families at my school and these boxes were beyond fun to put together. I love that I can work for a school that not only allows me to do what I love inside and outside of the workplace, but also ensures our students are feeling supported, confident, and ready to start school. The boxes (below) were shipped and UGH, I wish I could watch them open their goodies!

This is just the beginning of something really meaningful and I do want to continue shipping personalized boxes out all over the state to students who need specific items for school. Whether it be supplies or even clothing, there is so much to give out there.

I have something really special planned to start putting on here and I can’t wait to share it soon so keep an eye out!! See below for a bunch of great photos! If you, your family, or even company are interested in being part of this project, just leave me a message and I can get back to you. I have plenty more families who would love to have much-needed community support ❤

Talk soon!


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