Cheer is upon us!

Jeeze, it has definitely been awhile but I do have a pretty good excuse (I think?). My kids have BOTH started Monday thru Thursday cheer and if you know, you know. The first reason I am already exhausted is:

  1. It is Alayna’s first year and quite the experience. I cannot lie, it is probably one of the most entertaining things to have her out there and watching her start when Haley did, is pretty dang special. If you have Instagram, you can follow me (@kkellylindberg) and watch a reel I made. No kidding, this girl is quite popular with the amount of views she has but of course for good reason!
  2. I coach. Yep, I am coaching again after “officially hanging up my coaching gear” 2 years ago. How does that happen?! I promise I am not a helicopter mom and far from it, I just absolutely love being involved and being around some of the sweetest girls I know! Most of them are taller than me now since we skipped a year so it’s pretty entertaining for them.
  3. It’s not only Monday thru Thursday. We start doing events soon and then training for competition will begin pretty much 1 day after the football season ends. It is ALOT, just ask the other coaches.
  4. There is about one hour after I get off of work to get BOTH kids ready for practice, fed, and whatever else.All of you parents doing the same get it.
  5. Still doing grad school. Enough said.
  6. We have a back to school supply drive on Sunday and I am NOT feeling as prepared as usual for this one. Let’s hope I can push more flyers out this week than ever and raise awareness a bit more ..not sure when or how this will happen.
  7. I decided to become a brand partner with an amazing new lifestyle company because I totally believe they are doing great things. Look above at some pics so far but I’ll continue updating it! No, it’s def not a scheme.
  8. Lastly, Im working like crazy. Students will be back quicker than we realize so I’m busy getting prepared for their return!

Seriously, if you have IG you should look me up and I am not saying this to “get more followers” I promise. The video is just AMAZING.

I hope all of you parents are surviving these last couple of weeks before school begins (if you are doing in person of course). I am so ready for the kids to get to school and just be able to focus focus focus. Oh, and tire them out..duh.

Here are some updated pics of my kids, Maddy, and Tiff and our ventures last weekend doing our thing with Miss Auburn and The Impact Project. We clearly love our community so any chance we get to go out and meet community members, we are ALL for it!


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