Almost August..?

Hey there!

How is it already almost August?! I am baffled how time can be such a thief and not even feel guilty about it. One of our kiddos is SUPER excited about going to school soon and the other one is not so thrilled; can you guess who is who? Yep, Alayna can’t wait. I mean..she’s never gone so it’s a big adventure for her. I just want to be honest and tell her “Welcome to reality little one, you’ll be in school for about 18 more years..unless you become a doctor or something along those lines then a heck of a lot longer”.

This last week-ish has been busy (of course), but it has been pretty great! Justin and I were able to spend some time together on a road trip down to Oregon for one of his childhood friend’s wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL and such a great time. I love our weekends away and wish we could do them at least once a month but ya know, that would be extremely rude of us and unfair to our parents (wishful thinking!).

On a side note (squirrel!), we have always been into crafting and especially during COVID, we have found a big interest in doing it more often. Haley is finally at the age where I don’t get anxiety thinking about her playing with beads or sequins but Alayna is a definite different story. Breathe..just breathe. After purchasing a million supplies on Amazon over the last year and a half, we have a huge stash of crafts to be made and Haley has been making keychains like no other. I’ll put some pictures on our crafting page on here so she can show them off.

This week is the start of my second grad school term, in which I’ll be adding another course to my schedule so wish me luck. If I can add an extra course each term, then I won’t be in grad school for a lifetime and can actually graduate next fall, so I am doing it. Again, so grateful for a family who is supportive and understanding of my schedule and me not being able to commit to pretty much anything at this point unless we plan a month or two in advance. Thank you fam!

Okay, so I hope you all enjoy your week! Below are a few pics of the last week (doesn’t Justin look so handsome?!) and all of them are of us this time. Dressing up like this is real rare so taking a pic for proof is always needed. No cheer pics this week but I did take a few REALLY cute videos of Alayna doing her thing and it’s the best watching her out there. I realized that the only way I remembered my week was scrolling through my pics (thank you brain tumor) so here they are!


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