Summer = Success

It’s amazing how fast these days are flying by!

As promised, I have been making sure these kids (my kids) are staying busy as much as possible. In the last couple of weeks, we went on two little weekend adventures to Ocean Shores for the 4th and then the following weekend was spent at the cabin over the mountains in Easton. I ended up staying behind though from the cabin to get some friend/family time, go kayaking, finish my last, big project of this term, and possibly start the new season of Virgin River! OH and definitely did some shopping by myself (insert hallelujah hands emoji).

I know that we all are secretly/not-so secretly wishing our summers will fly by to get the kids back into school, especially now, but jeeze this is going by FAST. I took time off to spend with the girls and it seemed like half of that time was spent cleaning out the garage and making multiple trips to Goodwill so I am a little bitter those paddleboards haven’t been out yet! YAY though for decluttering, we are all about it. Well, there’s still time to have some fun so this weekend Justin and I are heading down to Oregon for a wedding and get some time to ourselves. Not to mention, time with one of the best friends/college roommate I know, so it’ll be great.

Alright alright, so what’s on the agenda this week? WELL cheer is starting already and I made the decision to coach once again (5 years!) since it’s Alayna’s first year. It’s really important to be part of it this time with BOTH girls so I couldn’t say no (see pic below for how cute they are). The whole cheer time commitment starting August is insane but H&A thrive being around all of their friends. I am finishing my first term already of grad school this week but will be starting my new classes in a couple weeks so not much of a break! PS – we have a new nephew and he is beyond adorable. Welcome to this crazy world Jackson, you are one lucky little guy to have your parents! Ummm..what else. I am working on a new back to school supply drive for our community and youth to be part of so that’s exciting. Sidenote: putting together community projects is C-R-A-Z-Y (just ask my fiance’). The DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women’s Network) is one of my favorite orgs to work with and I am a huge advocate for everything they do, so I can’t wait to help out again. Lastly, just over here being a mom. Laundry, dishes, keeping up with watering my plants (they are NOT thriving), and keeping kids busy while I work.

I’m going to start updating our pages on here with pics and fun stuff on what we are doing around this joint. I especially look forward to telling you more about the community project I run!

Have a great Humpday and rest of your week, we’ll be over here surviving the chaos as usual.

(See below for the last week and a half summarized into less than 10 pics)


Someone is VERY excited to be part of cheer now!
One of the 2 labs (River). 99% sure Bailey was on our bed snoozing
Hammocking..again clearly
Justin w/the girls waiting for fireworks on the beach (SO awesome)
Ocean Shores = The most amazing deer alive
Yes, a sun devil living in WA. It’s always an uphill battle in the fam
The ocean brings SO much happiness, it’s fantastic

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