AC to the Rescue!

Hope you all are doing great!

You might have heard (if you are outside the PNW), that we all just survived a massive “heat dome” (aka heat wave) and let me tell YOU, it was horrible. Justin, the kids, and I got back from AZ a few weeks ago which had the same temps as we just experienced but ya know, down there is no humidity so it’s a totally different feeling. This my friends, was not fun. We hibernated on the record-setting day and if you saw our home, you would have thought we were preparing for Doomsday (not kidding). So, when I woke up this morning, I immediately ran downstairs and in 0.2 seconds, had every window and door OPEN. Hallelujah, it is over (shoot I don’t want to jinx us)!

It was quite the way to start our summer but we did do our first outing, as promised. There was definitely NO hiking but lots of swimming in the river and family time (see pics below).The girls and I are extremely fortunate and grateful that Justin’s family has a cabin over east of the mountains on the Yakima River, so we go over there quite a bit during all seasons but that river is a lifesaver in the summer!

This week is flying by and maybe it’s because we did absolutely nothing besides hide in our home on Monday but I did get a couple of Amazon packages that I’m pretty excited about. I may just post a ‘mom-pic’ of me in one of my new rompers (WAY too hot for leggings!). Side note: can I just say how great it is to have a 9 y/o who wants to always take pics on my phone; she’s getting good. It’s not so fun when they are four or so and all of the 93 pictures are of who-knows-what, but I’m enjoying this phase.

Back to the romper, I am telling you, the pandemic really taught me how to shop well on Amazon and it is now my life saver for anything and everything. Clearly I’m behind on the Amazon game but glad I found out how amazing it is. I can’t imagine the money I have spent in the last year and a half but no regrets here (not sure Justin feels the same way)!

Okay so this week’s game plan goes as follows:

  1. WORK (obvi)
  2. Do homework
  3. Keep kids entertained during work and school..sigh..
  4. Clean home (aka turn on Roomba)
  5. Blow up paddle boards Thursday night
  6. Take paddle boards out on Friday with the girls (yes, they will wear life jackets)
  7. Saturday morning = head to the ocean for the 4th!

I’m sure there’s more, like a million meetings and certifications to do but ya know, I just take those as they come.

OH, if you look above, you’ll see new links I added to pages so I’ll be working on those. I am reeeeally excited to show you more of what our family is all about and it can be hefty so I will get to it! Have a great rest of your week and I will “talk” to you soon!


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