Time to Mom-blog!

Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read (or scan..anything is nice really) through mine, my roommates (aka my family) and of course our dog’s daily lives. We are pretty much that “always busy and never has any type of normalcy” type of family but ya know, we love it. If you haven’t already peeked at previous posts, you’ll soon learn that we LOVE to adventure and try new things..including grad school, over-committing, volunteering in the community, and a million other duties. Although I may sound a wee-bit sarcastic, we do love the memories we are making and being able to reminisce about the experiences of raising two girls. Jeeze, it is wild. Let’s just say Justin deserves something extraordinary (not just an award) for being surrounded by ladies and everything that comes with it (thankfully one of the labs is male)!

Okay, let’s move on. I am currently on a mission this year to move past the recent, yet long term, hell we all have experienced. I actually don’t even need to say the name, you just know. Side note, can we just change “COVID” to “Voldemort”? It may add a little humor at this point! Anywho, I want to make sure we are doing what we can as a fam to move forward and make some great memories post-pandemic. That being said…

School is OFFICIALLY out and I just decided that I’ll be taking some time off to get the girls out and enjoy some time together. Obvi, last summer was full of unknowns and always wondering if we were allowed to even step foot anywhere so I’m thinking it’s time for redemption. I had a ton of hours to burn so I’ll be working approximately 11 days this summer which means, time to get out, do some exploring/day trips, try some new things, and of course I’ll most likely be sucked into doing some sort of crafting as well. The less messy, the BETTER.

Living in WA (state) makes exploring and “finding gems” outdoors pretty dang easy so the research for family-friendly or even just easier hiking is currently underway. We purchased paddle boards last year so they are definitely out in the garage begging to get out!

MY goals for this summer goes as follows:

  1. Keep my plants alive. Not sure if it is appropriate for this to be my #1 but it might be the hardest of them all to follow through with, so I am making it priority.
  2. Do NOT think about work on my days off. This is actually really hard for me so I’ll need to most likely write it down on my hand.
  3. Wedding Planning. Oh shoot did I mention we are also planning our wedding? Time to focus on the nitty gritty stuff to get it all done!
  4. Keep working hard in school! Again, not sure you caught that above, but I briefly mentioned I’m in grad school. I know I’m insane.
  5. Find, at the bare minimum, FIVE hiking trails and of course do them! (I think this should be fairly easy?!)
  6. Tie-dye…OH we love tie-dying
  7. Try to stay off of the TV/tablets (unless it’s needed and the parents need a serious break. Which is a given.)
  8. Okay I’m just going to leave it at that for now but there are definitely more adventures ahead and goals to be set! Stay tuned..

Day 1 of summer break begins in approximately 4 and a half hours so here we go!


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