Retail Therapy..from home.

It’s day 2,851 of quarantine and at this point, I’m just trying to keep as sane as possible. My days are now actually more stressful being at home in my “safe place” than those pre-quarantine days of running around constantly and rarely having a second to think. I would LOVE to go back to those days like…right now.

So the question goes out to all of you fellow parents who are at home working, teaching, and trying to keep up with the nonstop snack preparation and cleaning; what are YOU doing to get through this?! I find myself trying to find just small things to do to cheer me up and maintain a positive mindset but it’s getting rough. That being said though, I think I found the answer; home retail therapy.

I have discovered recently that many, many people have been keeping Amazon extremely busy during this COVID season (Justin and I are guilty here). I have found myself ordering pretty random things but there is something about seeing that big blue van pull up to the house; it’s the BEST.

What have I ordered? Oh..I don’t actually remember, but I do know that Amazon is not the only one getting service from this household. This pandemic is 1000% taking a toll on my mom-bod and the ability to not go to the gym, so I have been ordering various items that I am hoping will get me out of this mess. My favorite items so far are leggings from Fabletics (shocking). Seriously they came today and kind of at the perfect time as far as giving me some motivation. There is something about getting work-out clothes that suddenly makes you feel like you can train for a marathon so I am very happy.

Pictured below is me in my office trying to get a picture of my new gear without kids running in but, OOPS there she is! No personal space for anyone here.

Now I’d love to hear from YOU! What is getting you through this?

Talk to you soon!



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