I am totally aware that there are a million blog post on this topic but I couldn’t resist.

This blog post could #literally be as long as a book because of how eventful/non-eventful (?) quarantine has turned out to be for us. Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

We went into this whole thing full of mixed feelings. We were sad that so many plans and adventures were now going to be cancelled, upset and worried about the entire education system shutting down in WA, scared about touching everything in sight because of Corona (not the beer), and just anxious about..well..being stuck in our homes with our children 24/7 and somehow still managing to work. I actually could name WAY more feelings going on, but I won’t do that. I’m pretty sure we are all on the same page anyways.

Let’s begin with the start of the virus. WELL, the first time we heard about it was when we were in Costa Rica on a very magical, peaceful, fun, adventurous, FREE-ing, trip. I’d say we went out of normalcy with a bang and probably couldn’t have gotten luckier with the timing!

Now let’s move on to the moment we (parents) found out that our children were going to be out of school for 6 (or more) weeks. UGH. UGH. UGH. That day was hard for SO many people for many different reasons. It brought so much stress and uncertainty to community members and families who needed their children to be in school. Luckily the districts and state have gone above and beyond to do what they can to make sure students are being taken care of in many different aspects.

This opens the door for a discussion on how parents have suddenly been graciously given new jobs and are now teachers! Yep, we didn’t even need our teaching credentials or certifications. Usually people get to choose homeschooling as an option for their children’s education, buuuut not anymore. I will say, as an online school employee, it’s pretty interesting to watch how districts and families are viewing online school now. Some are seeing that’s it’s actually a great alternative way of learning for students and that they can, in fact, be successful outside of the classroom setting. Online schooling is now a new normal!

With this all being said though, I really need Haley to go back to school. Plain and simple. Yes, I have loved being home with her but because her and her sister are officially old enough to argue with each other, the house can go from the quietest (when they are sleeping) sanctuary to the worst war-zone. I can handle the loudness but due to only being in online meetings, it’s no bueno.

THIS opens one last door for discussion. Finding distractions for my kids is getting extremely difficult. I feel like this is hands down the worst part of working from home and I am running out of ideas so feel free to help me out. I would be lying if I said electronics were not an option because, well, they are my number one problem solver for getting through Zoom, Skype, and classroom meetings and I am not ashamed of it. I had to learn my lesson on Wednesday for not finding a good distraction actually. After getting out of a Zoom meeting, my door opened and in comes Haley with a handful of Alayna’s hair. I quickly learned that Alayna found my craft box (it’s very much hidden now) and gave herself some side bangs and her first hair cut ever. Let’s hope this is a sign that she will be doing hair in the future and it’ll save lots of money when I’m old and need perms.

Overall quarantine is stressful but we are trying to stay creative. I am actually very impressed with the amount of creativity people are showing in their everyday lives. I have seen people making videos of who-knows-what, doing artwork (mainly meme’s), coming up with the strangest games (closing cupboards and hitting White Claw cans with their hair??), doing more jigsaw puzzles than you thought possible (Target shelves are out of ALL puzzles), and of course trying to all solve the mystery of Carole Baskin (you may be shamed if you don’t know).

Although we are anxious, exhausted, somehow behind on laundry, and just waiting for this thing to be over with, we are all in this together! The memories will be interesting and I am hoping this is just a sign that we all should be more aware of what’s going on in the world. I haven’t read/watched this many news related articles in who knows how long (probably never).

Like I mentioned, the creativity side of people is coming to surface, including myself. I had Haley do a Youtube video with me and I interviewed her to see what an 8 year old had to say about quarantine and I highly recommend watching it (below).


Also, I have done a little something and have created a design on a shirt that I feel is very accurate. It’s definitely the name of my blog but again, very accurate for many of us. Click below to see!


We will talk soon!

-Kelly (working mom of 2 stuck in quarantine)



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