That ‘Pura Vida’ Life

We did it!

We are back from the greatest vacation and couldn’t be more grateful to have gotten the chance to go on such a huge adventure with so many amazing humans (thanks to Justin and Julie for the best wedding spot EVER). It was nothing short of a success and we are so happy to have experienced a wonderful area of Costa Rica!

Now, the big question; how was it without the kiddos?! was perfect. If they had gone with us, it would’ve been tough. Haley would have done great on the plane but since it was a day of traveling, Alayna would have gotten restless. We stayed at a beautiful resort and the pics below show our “backyard” for the trip! The girls would have both been able to stay busy just being outside, BUT we would not have been able to get the R&R that both of us really needed and also wouldn’t have been able to do some of the adult activities. Look at our view!


The lower pic above (?)was from our ATV ride and a little destination that the guide had taken us to but the pic doesn’t even do it justice to how beautiful it was. Seriously. The water was SO blue but because I’m not hip and do not have the most up to date iPhone, my camera isn’t cool enough to capture the real deal. This spot was one of two beaches they took us to but I gotta say, the second one was awesome. It had a hidden little bar on the beach ran by the locals. I am all about supporting communities so it was great seeing the tourism businesses giving the community members more foot traffic. This was definitely a highlight!

We were obviously down there for our awesome friends and to celebrate their amazing and memorable day, so the part of being surrounded by good people made this experience one of a kind. The actual wedding was on the beach and couldn’t have been any better. To have the opportunity to get 50-ish friends/family/loved ones together in a beautiful country is rare, and we feel very fortunate for the experience and for the bonds that we were able to grow.


Okay, so my final blurb is super important (I promise)! We missed the kids for sure but we also knew that if they were to come, we felt like they wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the community culture as much. When we do get their passports and decide to take them on an international trip, it will be when they can appreciate and learn about other’s lives, cultures, traditions, etc.. AND we don’t want to blow a ton of money ;).

This being said, l mentioned that I love community involvement so naturally we really appreciated getting the chance to get off of the resort grounds and stepping into a small town nearby. Don’t get me wrong, the resort was insanely nice and pretty perfect! Although the town had been pretty taken over by outsiders who have developed businesses and have opened plenty of establishments, we were able to still see more of the locals and interact a little with them. We decided that if we ever were able to go back, we would use the opportunity to stay there (or another place) for a few days to walk around more and get a better feel of being outside of the whole tourism world!

Any negatives to Costa Rica?? Nope! We had a blast but if you do have a fear of driving or worried about not having any stop lights/pretty much any driving laws, then you may want to take a stress reliever before getting into a vehicle :)!

Well, now off to plan the next adventure. Just kidding, we have a wedding to plan and finally have decided on a date so the planning starts! We will  be doing a little exploring before then but nothing as big as this trip and the kids will be included (maybe). Adios everyone and as they would say, “Pura Vida”!





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