Peace out kiddos!

Yep it’s true, we are going on vacation. By the word “we”, I am talking about Justin and I. ONLY us (besides a mass amount of friends), but we cannot wait and THAT my friends, is an understatement.

I can honestly say that I never thought I would be able to experience a week-long vacation without the kids. I know it is totally a weird thought but it’s true! I was a single mom for awhile and have always had them around me 24/7 so the idea of leaving them for a week is a bit daunting, but will be an amazing time. I keep telling everyone that it will be tough and I know we will miss them, but every person says to just enjoy it and remind ourselves that we won’t get this opportunity a lot during their childhoods. When they are adults though, that’ll be a different story. Locks will be changed, rooms will become whatever the heck we want them to turn into, and we will officially be international travelers! Haha I am totally kidding about the first thing (too costly), but definitely NOT joking about the traveling part (and rooms).

So where are we going?! Well, we are off to Costa Rica! We will be out of here on Sunday and back the following Sunday. Thanks to the grandparents, we are able to get away without any worries! We don’t have to worry about kids getting to school on time, deal with any potty training, mood swings, or messes for an ENTIRE week. It’ll be pretty darn exciting.

Haley acts sad but then she just keeps making a list of things she wants from another country. I was thinking she was going to miss us but she is just playing the manipulation game; can’t trick us girl, can’t trick us. We know she’s thoroughly going to enjoy being spoiled for a week by her grandparents and we also know the first thing she’ll want to do when we get back is to see the presents.

Well, I’ll make sure to try and write at least one or two posts down there to let you know how sad we are and how terrible it is to be away from the chaos at home ;)! OH and I will of course put up some pics. In the meantime, I stole a couple of pics off the Marriott website to show you just how rough life will be down there.








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