Toddler Struggles x1000

Hey there,

I hope all of you are doing fantastic. I just had to get on here, well, because I am failing miserably at being consistent with blogging (haha)! There are a bunch of things I’m currently working on outside of this but let me say, this is one of my favorite things to write in.

We are dealing with some major situations over here in this crazy household, and I wish I could just say it’s all due to busy schedules. But, it is not. It is due to having a toddler and I am pretty sure we are going to need major psychological help after this phase passes.

Alayna is giving us a run for our money and I am confident she knows exactly what she is doing and secretly finds it hilarious. Between random mood swings (is that appropriate to call them mood swings?), potty training, and literally just being her nonstop self, I can say we are officially at a loss of what is going on in her mind. Not to mention, this girl can fight bedtime (sleep in general) like no other and I. AM. TELLING. YOU., it’s exhausting. Adult time is little to NONE these days..strong on the whole “none” thing. Just trying to watch our regular one or two shows after “bedtime” is very, very rare.

I actually did not realize that one child, by the age of 3 1/2, could go through so many phases. Easiest infant award goes to her but then it was like “BAM! The Hurricane has landed and she can go from Category 1 to Category 5 in seconds”. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing her grow and develop in all of the good ways. For instance, art is important. I respect and understand that creativity is extremely essential for kids these days. That being said though, drawing on walls and putting chapstick on ceilings, is nothing short of stressful. The walls are finally being left alone but that chapstick incident happened..ohhh..2 nights ago (Justin was not thrilled).

Oh but the adventures for this one continue 100% of the time and we really never know what is going to happen next. Could it be stomping around in spilled water in the kitchen? Sure, that happened the other night (thank you Justin). Could it be hiding frozen dino nuggets (not-so frozen today) in the empty cheeze-its box? Yep, just happened minutes ago. OR, could it be only using the word “no” for every question you ask her? Who knows these days to that one, but good news is that we are always on our toes and being in a regular “daily routine” isn’t a concern around here. Yep, I totally know that a daily routine is supposed to ease stress, but I think we are more of the type to just “go with the flow” and not completely have our lives on a set schedule. It keeps it exciting.

It’s inevitable that our lovely little girl is going to surprise us with something new at any given moment. I guess we will continue to grow in our own ways and practice patience like no other. We are also learning to live with the constant suspense of “what is going to happen next?!” and needing to take all of these surprises like they are nothing short of a good time.

Below are pics of Alayna and how cute she is; she’s a tricky little thing. Yes, there is one of her playing outside in the hail storm but I promise she did NOT get sick. Don’t mind the one of her on the bathroom floor, this is just an example of how potty training has been (one of her dramatic attempts to get out of it). Sorry for the bare booty! OH, and how cute is Justin? We both got “Baby Shark” shirts for Christmas and love them (wish it wasn’t blurry though!).

Until next time,







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