How do you stay sane?

As you can see, I clearly failed on writing a new blog post last week and I promise I can explain! Not only did we have the New Years and a trip up to the cabin, but we have officially now began planning our schedules and commitments for the year. Let’s just say the chaos NEVER ends and as the kiddos get older, I’m figuring out that it won’t ease up anytime soon! Oh and I am thinking we’ll need a SUV real quick with the amount of kids/dogs I’m driving around these days.

Somewhere in between work, cheer, coaching, pageants, swim, tumbling, and whatever else we do, the family is staying committed to working hard on our health and fitness (No, I’m not a social media fitness coach ;)). We have always had YMCA memberships and although they aren’t always too cheap, the perks are fantastic (especially for younger kids). Seriously, we could never complain about it, especially since their childcare is fan-freaking-tastic. Not having to worry about Alayna or Haley while we get our workout in is the best!

So our scheduling is a hot mess and just looking at my Outlook calendar sends me into anxiety mode. Honestly, I’m partially kidding since obviously I’m the one creating this insanity and bringing on the stress willingly. Justin does refer to me as a “Chaos Coordinator”, and ain’t that the truth.

So the question is, how do YOU stay sane? I mean, I’m not the only mom in the world who is trying to figure out how to prioritize more self care right?! I have an awesome teammate (Justin) who inspires me and motivates me to take time for myself so I do believe it makes life easier having that “encourager”. Sometimes making sure we are doing things for ourselves, and knowing we need to, is H-A-R-D. My job is always telling me we need self-care and need to take time for ourselves, but my mind is always a step ahead and trying to get ready for the next thing to do! Gah it’s difficult.

I’d love to hear how other parents balance their own needs/hobbies, kid commitments, and working full-time, so please comment below!

One more thing is that I keep thinking about the title of my blog; “Livin’ in Leggings”. I literally am realizing that this is so accurate and I am NOT ashamed of it. Haha! I’m fortunate enough to work for an online school and from home so it’s even more accurate than ya’ll think. I do have to say that I went to Marshall’s last night to look at what they had and it was totally a success. I picked up quite a bit of active wear and a couple other things for quite a deal and proud of it! Nothing like finding deals, especially on things you’ll wear constantly. I am pretty sure shopping might be one of my ways to relax (not sure that’s a good thing) and slow my life for an hour or two so I’ll make sure to let you know if I find anymore good deals on these workout clothes. I’m always looking to try new brands so send ideas my way!

You all have an awesome week and we will talk soon!








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