Well that was exhausting

Gah I love the holidays. I really do! I’m actually that person who starts talking about Christmas and everything joyful the minute (12:01pm to be exact) Halloween is over. I believe it took Justin off guard this year when I was pretty much the first in line to go to Target with the girls the minute the employees finished stocking the Christmas shelves. Seriously. The sale was buy $100 of Christmas decorations, get $50 off. Obvi I bought more than $100 so it didn’t matter much besides covering a few bottles of wine for future holiday stress.

So imagine two months of pure Christmas excitement in this house and fast forward to today, when our bodies are completely dead. If there is one thing I know, it’s that every person I’ve talked to is very much okay with all of it being over (besides New Years)..not to mention looking forward to having the kids get back to school. We literally slept 12 – 13 hours one night this past week, which is unheard of as a parent, but probably the best thing that could have happened after Christmas shenanigans.

We were laughing/not laughing at all, about Christmas presents though for many different reasons. See below:

1) We figured out over the past two years that all we really wanted from Santa was home stuff. No joke, we got ourselves towels and were ecstatic. Towels. Not to mention, Justin then ordered our first InstaPot the next day since Santa failed on that. I don’t think I’ve seen Justin that excited in awhile (hopefully he was more excited on the engagement though..?). He then realized we needed some recipes to go along with it, and now we are set (thanks Amazon!).

2) Why do people think it’s okay to buy kids glitter, slime, or anything else that can ruin our home? Is that seriously funny? My sister and brother in-law think they are hilarious and do it to mess with us every chance they get, but little do they know we have a plan for revenge. The last time they bought three bottles of slime for Haley, Justin ended up scraping it out of our hardwood floors with a butter knife. Yes, they knew about that.

3) Lastly, do you think there can be a law on how many toys kids get to bring home after they get them? Maybe we can pick and choose what presents come home with us and which ones stay at the houses they opened them up at. I tried to clear out some old toys to make room beforehand but I’m at a loss of what to do with some of these things. We have a truckload of toys and clothes to donate so that’s the fantastic part! 

Can we all agree that the holidays were exhausting but also worth it? I love seeing the fam get together and spending time with everyone but maybe we just need a “Post-Christmas National Nap Day” from work? We were very blessed this year and I’m more than happy about all of the events that happened during the past months (vacay/engagement, shopping, birthdays (times 6 or more, no joke), etc.).

Now it’s back to normalcy and the continued chaos of parent-hood. I work in education so I get another week to get my brain organized. I will also set a goal of learning how to use our InstaPot so dinners will be easier to come up with and we don’t have to eat tacos every night (nothing wrong with tacos).

Wishfully thinking, I’d love to get the entire house organized because I’m on “break”, but highly doubt that’s going to happen. We are doing a Goodwill run in a few hours so maybe it will motivate me to get my act together for the time-being? We’ll see about that but I’ll let you know if it’s a success or not!

Again, Happy New Years and I hope you all trick those kids of yours so you have that adulting time. Champagne is necessary at this point in the year, so enjoy it!

Until next time,


we did it

(Below is my favorite picture I put together from Christmas. Haley either opened the 30 pack of slime or the hover board. Not sure but Justin’s reaction says it all.)

Christmas Presents


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