If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 32 years of life (Happy Belated Birthday Kelly!), is that life can change more times than you can say the phrase, “what the..”. This year has been full of adventure, perseverance, goal-conquering wins, quite a few losses/scares, and many other types of transitions. We have grown as a family(both immediate and distant) by relying on one another for support, built our personal relationships even more than the last year, and have had to adjust to changing circumstances. BUT, this is life and overall, despite plenty of very difficult situations, we are alive and healthy and so ready to move into a new year of hope and continued change.

With this all being said, why not switch up even more and change the title/subject of my blog? Why not move into a third phase of “bloggin’” and focus on something that I do full-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Yep, welcome to a blog full of “Mom-hood”. I need to face reality that I live in “mom clothes” every day in order to stay as spry as possible and at any given moment, can be able to conquer any kid/toddler/work issues. Sure, I get dressed up (?) at times, but it’s definitely not a priority most of the time. Letting myself go you ask? No way; I’m more active than I’ve ever been because I do not stop moving and am a master multi-tasker/entertainer/full-time working mom. Just get into it and I promise to not disappoint with the stories and tales we can tell you on a daily basis.

Justin is a huge part of my life, and not only because he is my new fiance’ (he did it!), but he gained an “insta-family” the minute he committed to me (it took a few swipes to the right!). He went from being a bachelor of climbing mountains, going on last minute vacations, and living his life by his own means, to all of a suddenly helping me raise two wild kids with some of the biggest personalities around. He decided to willingly take on my glitter and rainbows optimism, my willingness to always commit to things that I have zero time for, and just a mom who was trying to rebuild a life of happiness and stability. He’s amazing! Who does that? Oh, he does, and he has handled it like a champion. He is definitely a natural, so yes, he will be apart of this. Whether it is handling being a cheer dad or dealing with the phases of helping me raise a toddler, his stories are fantastic and he learns the fundamentals of being a parent on a daily basis.

So, welcome to the new year and welcome to my blog! Have a fantastic NYE and I hope you can trick the kids by setting the clock to 4 hours earlier than midnight so they get to sleep and you can enjoy adulting!




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