Great News!

So I definitely have wonderful news! After my last post and video, I think everyone has a good idea of what myself and a couple lovely ladies are trying to accomplish with all of the school supply drive efforts going on. Since then, I was able to talk with one of the directors down at the Auburn SD and discuss the ideas but the chat took a little bit of a turn that is more than exciting!

I’m totally a believer in the whole “everything happens for a reason” quote and this is just a prime example of that. We started discussing the situations in the schools since I am not personally familiar with all twenty-something schools, and it became pretty eye-opening.

There are a few schools that are well taken care of so they aren’t much of a concern as far as the classroom supplies go and they are also supported by plenty of donations. As far as funding goes, other (not all) schools are supported by various charities so they are also being taken care of just not as well. SO, what about the rest of the schools? WHO is supporting them? Hmmm..

This is where it gets not only crazy and a bit disappointing, but this is where the whole infamous quote I live by comes in. Turns out the the school district lost funding this year for Communities in Schools, who btw, are an amazing organization. If you aren’t familiar with this nonprofit, I highly recommend you seeing what they do. They are a huge asset to any school district that they get to support by providing after-school programs, mentoring programs, various reading programs, school supply fundraisers, and so many more things. That being said, it’s going to take a huge, negative impact on these local schools and ultimately, the teachers and students. So, what can we do?

Uhhh well, let’s do something! This is a district of close to 16,000 students who need to go to school and gain a successful education. This district is also ranked #5 in the state for the most diverse school district, which in my eyes, is a VERY beautiful thing. Just like many other districts, they are special and deserve the community to come together.

I am meeting up with her again this week to talk about how we can get this going. I’m not technically doing this through a personal nonprofit (I wish) so it can get tricky at some point. I’m sure there are many ways the district will be able to step in with all the complicated things as far as write-offs go and other paperwork.

We will be doing campaigns and fundraisers but also collecting supplies out in public to make sure we keep spreading the word. An idea that I keep thinking about over and over again, is having local businesses adopt a classroom. If many groups can come together and make some sort of office goal to fill a classroom with basic supplies, THAT would be pretty fantastic.

Thanks to everyone for the support and please, please, please, look out for more t-shirt sales and whatever other campaigns come along! These are not only great ways to support the schools but obviously great ways to show the community what’s going on.

THANK YOU again for reading this and getting involved! PS – if you have more ideas about how to collect supplies/get donations, email me at this new address (fancy, I know)! 


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