Welcome to the blog of Kelly (just talking in 3rd person over here)! I want to give a quick intro and huge hello to anyone and everyone who takes their time to read and browse my site.

Just like many of you, I am a VERY busy mom trying to balance everything while making quite the effort to stay organized (mentally, emotionally AND physically); which is usually 99% unsuccessful. As you also may relate, it is extremely difficult to pursue our own dreams when we are trying to take care of the house/household, working full time, and ya know..doing “it all”, so I will also be sharing more details on that part of my life.

I created this site as a way to organize my thoughts about the things I love most, while writing about the chaos of parenting, pursuing my personal dreams, and living life to the absolute fullest. Come and join me (and my fam) in this confusing and wild adventure called LIFE!


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  • Yay..summer vacay (possible sarcasm)!

    Yay..summer vacay (possible sarcasm)!

    Ohhh boy. Summer time is quickly approaching (next week) and the kids are already planning their favorite ways to drive me insane. Yes, I do feel like that may be a tad harsh, but I am always in panic mode when summer vacation hits. As many know, I work full time as a Truancy Liaison…

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  • The Big Day

    The Big Day

    It has been quite awhile since my last post, but as usual, there has been SO much going on (aka an amazing wedding!). That is correct, we tied the knot finally and I honestly can say, it was absolutely perfect. The years (thank you COVID) of planning, getting it all organized, and just making sure…

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  • Dogs who steal your heart

    Dogs who steal your heart

    Our newest family member and one of our biggest blessings!

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  • Chelan, WA + Wine = Getting Close to the Big Day!

    Chelan, WA + Wine = Getting Close to the Big Day!

    I may or may not have mentioned it before, but we are doing a little (BIG) thing and tying the knot pretty dang soon. I think when it gets to that 2 month mark, it definitely starts getting real VERY fast. I have to say, it has been such a great experience planning our wedding…

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  • A Quick Savvi Goodie

    A Quick Savvi Goodie

    No big post today! I thought, “Hmmm..why not just do a quick video?!”. Today I want to just tell you about another Savvi piece I ordered and really loving. Check out the Savvi page here in my blog for links to my store AND let me know (if interested) if you’d like $25 off!

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  • Positive. And Celiac.

    Positive. And Celiac.

    Learning about health over here has a WHOLE new meaning!

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